Solar Cleaner
Fresh app to speed up your smartphone
Simple design for you
Effective cleaning for your device
One Tap Features
RAM Optimization
Cleans RAM, eliminates junk background processes and applications to optimize smartphone performance.
Memory Cleaning
Finds and removes junk data and system cache, frees up space to save really important data.
CPU Cooling
Cools the heat of the most power hungry applications and parasitic background processes, reduces the load on the CPU and its temperature.
Energy Saving
Optimizes smartphone performance to extend it's battery life.

Our goal is to provide you with a simple and effective app for cleaning your smartphone.

We use the latest technical solutions to provide a fresh experience of using your mobile device.

Let the Solar Cleaner do the hard work
To keep your device running easy
Hugo L
I liked the application very much, it is easy to use. Convenient interface.
Eloise Gibson
A lightweight program that does its job. Really cleans and closes unnecessary. I checked it against memory data before and after cleaning.
Georg Nebes
The application cleans the cache excellent 100% thanks to the developers.
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